A warrior is not one who simply goes off to fight. 

He does not beat up people in a cage or a ring. 
You do not become a warrior simply by swinging a club or wielding a sword.

That is a crude misunderstanding of the Way.

A warrior is about peace.  

Even though he walks the Way constantly, a warrior understands that the sword is best kept sheathed.

The life giving sword is more powerful than the life taking sword.

The arts are just the means by which he forges himself. 

What makes a warrior is what is inside.

Physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

Warrior 3.

Yoga, martial arts and meditation are merely the tools by which he gradually develops strength, suppleness and self awareness in all three areas.

The qualities of a warrior include courage, nobility, honour, respect, loyalty, discipline, willpower and service.

A warrior is about deep contemplation, decisiveness and action.  He considers things deeply yet makes decisions quickly and acts.  Procrastination, idle chatter and  laziness are the enemies of the warrior and he must take the sword to them.

A warrior must learn to stand and think on his own two feet, not blindly following the orders of others but attuning to and following the callings of his own heart.  Only in this way will he be true to himself.  Clarity of thought, peace in the heart and strength in the belly are some of the rewards of this Way.

However, he does not keep his strength for himself but uses it to help those around him.

Not that many know that the term samurai means to serve.

If you are ready to walk the Way of the Warrior, take a look through the rest of the website and start on that which resonates with you most at this moment in time.   You will find you develop interests in the other areas over time as your understanding deepens naturally.

The Way is not easy but the rewards are worth it.

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