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Through practice, meditation becomes the support of your everyday life.

Meditation is about finding joy and happiness inside yourself.

Meditation helps you connect with yourself as well as those around you. It is about letting go of what is in your way. It is not thinking about thinking, but a process of letting go.

In order for most people to learn to connect with what is inside themselves, the first steps involve learning to relax, develop awareness and working with the breath. Working with the breath allows us to begin to become aware of our bodies, our thoughts and more subtle workings of our selves. It begins to enable us to see things clearly as they are, without filters. 

"In olden days, in the days of the samurai, meditation was taken seriously: before an action, the men concentrated their faculties through meditation. Concentration first, then action. This still exists today in the abbreviated ceremony that takes place before a match. In meditation you can collect your energy, let your thoughts pass by like clouds, and relax your nervous and muscular tension by concentrating on your posture -straight back, straight neck, hands joined together, thumbs forming a horizontal line, neither mountain nor valley- and by breathing correctly with the emphasis on exhaling deeply into the hara...One gets to the deep unconscious, without thinking, beyond thought, true purity."

If you are ready for:
  • stress relief
  • increased energy levels
  • increased feelings of calm
  • health and wellbeing
  • learning more about yourself
  • connecting with your inner being

Then you need to learn to meditate!!!

Meditation classes focussing on posture and breathing are 30min.
We meet regularly on Thursdays at 7pm for sitting and sometimes a cup of tea.


4/951-957 Pacific Highway

pymble 2073

Although the room can be heated, please bring something warm to wear for the sitting and lying down components of the class.

Contact Dominic on 0478 127 075 for more information.