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movement meditation massage


Ancient wisdom for the modern world

The way is unaffected simplicity

                      "Man is originally endowed and invested with Hara. 
               But when, as a rational being, he loses what is embodied in Hara it becomes his task to regain it...
The only right choice is the one which will not endanger the wholeness of his being."

Align Breathe Connect.

The physical alignment or posture of a person conveys information about she holds herself in life, both to others and to herself. 
Likewise the attitude of a person can be read by the breath of the individual.
Finally, the interplay between holding on and letting go indicates how they interact and connect with the world around them.

The inner state may be experienced in the outer form so these are not just physical practices but rather the functions of the person in totality.
To work on any of these aspects of oneself is to work on the whole person.

Change requires discipline, practice and insight because without these elements one cannot free oneself from rigid patterns of thinking or the poor physical habits of the body.
This is also why practice must start with and include the most superficial practice of the physical body because it is the most obvious and supports the rest of the practice.

Learn to move and live the way we were designed for and watch your ailments disappear.  Truly learn to listen to and inhabit your body. The mind and body are connected so by addressing the mind we can affect the body, and vice versa.  The mind and body are not separate but two sides of the same coin.  The solution is to not only treat localised symptoms but to determine the fundamental cause and address the person as a complete whole.  The physical practices serve as a means to embodiment and access to what most call the spiritual.

Our bodies are coded to move but many of us have misplaced the access key and can no longer move well.  The continuum starts with breathing.  Then a gradual progression of alignment in relatively static positions is the next step before more complex movements that really nothing more than combination patterns whilst being mindful of optimal bodily alignments. Movement quality should come first before volume is added.  Whatever the body repeats it will get more efficient at so loading a dysfunctional pattern is counterproductive.

The foundation of movement is alignment or what is better known as posture.  This is often ignored but it is so important as we inhabit the body 24 hours a day.  Joint alignment is required rather than simply stretching and strengthening the muscles.  The latter is a mere stop gap approach based on a mistaken view of the body and mind separate from each other.  Rather, space must be found in the body and this must start from seemingly static postures.  Breathing is a vital function that aids in this creation of space and is an antidote to ageing.

The average person breathes 20000 times a day so it's also vital that this is addressed as breathing affects the nervous system and our overall functioning including our digestive system and metabolism.  This is crucial for maintaining a healthy weight.

When the foundation of alignment and breathing is addressed, we can then teach you to maintain alignment in movement and connect the body.  To maintain the space in dynamic movement so you can reclaim your strength.  Align Breathe Connect.  So simple and yet so misunderstood.  And it really is that simple. 

By relearning how to align our bodies so mother earth can support us, by relearning how to breathe with our whole bodies and by relearning to connect with our true selves and develop true strength, we can discover our real selves and our full potential to live in harmony between Heaven and Earth.

We can guide you to rediscover the body wisdom that you may have misplaced so that you may learn to really inhabit your body to rediscover the life you were meant to live. 

The principles of alignment, breathing and connection are just as applicable to everyone. 

We can guide you to rediscover your natural alignment, breath and connection through simple exercises that have profound effects in all aspects of your life, be it physical, emotional or spiritual/psychological.
It is never too late to regain your health and wellbeing. 

And reclaim your strength.

It's as simple as ABC.