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Ancient martial and spiritual traditions utilised breathwork as the link between the mind and body and yet the average person pays no attention to it even though they may breathe 20 000 times a day!  

Complete breathing is of vital importance to anyone and everyone who wishes to acquire health.  

Dominic is very passionate about sharing his method of breathwork which has come through countless hours of practice through yoga and martial arts.  It is a living practice, not just intellectual know-how.

It is a matter of recognising our habits and tensions, repatterning more natural breathing patterns and releasing the need to force the breath.  

If you find it difficult to maintain awareness of the breath, continuity of the breath or find yourself short of breath during the day then breathwork can help you.  It is also a great tool for developing mindfulness.  The process involves developing awareness and acceptance, and learning to allow the breath and body to be.   It is more about being than doing.

Through simple body awareness, breathing and meditation exercises you will learn to relax and harness the power of your own breath and being.    Breathwork can be used for physical and emotional health as well as for stress management.  Practiced in conjunction with alignment work, poise, presence and power is built from the inside.

Breathwork sessions by prior appointment only.
A typical session is 2 hours for an individual private session.  For best results, a package of 3 to 5+ sessions is recommended for most people (depending on circumstances and goals).  Please contact us to discuss further your individual needs.

Corporate and group sessions available by request.


From the Australian Breathwork Association website:
Breathwork is a powerful transformative process that allows us to access our essential nature and develop our full potential.  Breathwork guides the unfolding of our full potential, generating a feeling of aliveness and sense of inspiration.  Everyone can benefit from Breathwork. 

The process is most successful when clients are ready to take steps to change themselves and/or their life and accept personal responsibility for their life experiences and situations. 

It is recommended that new clients have a sequence of consultations to begin with. This helps the client to learn how to use the breath effectively. It cannot be learned in one session. Another reason for a series of 3, 5 or 10 consultations is to have the continuity to work on deeper issues. Some issues are not dealt with in one session. 

Each Breathwork session is a step in the unfolding of the body memory and each person will find their own pace at which to work. 

A commitment to a series of consultations also helps to overcome resistance when uncomfortable feelings and experiences emerge from the subconscious.

The Breathwork process does have the potential to change your life. When clients are safe enough and ready enough to face their past, present and future, and enter into this process, the changes can be transformational. 

Changes may be felt and experienced in a number of areas including: 

The physical body – awareness can be focussed on aches, pains, tightness and illness occurring in the body and can be released. 

The emotional body – greater energy and a sense of aliveness can be created when suppressed/repressed feelings, which drain the body of energy, come to the surface and are cleared. 

The mental body – beliefs, decisions and conditioning (conscious and unconscious) can be reprogrammed to allow the client to live more fully in the present and in control of their lives 

The spiritual body – deep connection/reconnection can be made with the Self. 

Breathwork allows clients to change their outlook on life, their values, choices, decisions and behaviours, in a way that is beneficial.

"I am so grateful for what Dominic was able to do for Mum.  She has had difficulty with her breathing and she gets short of breath simply walking from one room to the next.  We have seen many experts including visits to the hospital.  None of them could help but within five minutes Dominic had mum settled down and relaxed.  He has such a calm, gentle manner and a clear understanding that even I felt like I was being drawn into a meditation just observing him at work.  Mum was so relaxed that within fifteen minutes that she managed to close her eyes and really rest.  I haven't seen her that peaceful for a long time.  It was amazing to watch!"