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massage, bodywork & somatic therapy: SPIRALS IN SPACE

"Human touch has been the foundation of medicine, its simplest expression and, in the right hands, the most profound appreciation of what it is to be whole."

When we are hurt, we instinctively touch and press the affected area in an attempt to heal it and restore ourselves to wholeness.

Good bodywork and manual therapy have always defied description as it is not just a mere doing of techniques . 

Good bodywork is direct communication, communion and mutual meditation between two people. It goes to the heart through the hands.

Like any other form of communication, it requires sensitivity, receptivity and compassion. On both sides.

Touch manifests people's desire for attention and influences the heart as well as the body. In a modern world where physical contact is seen as more and more taboo, where physical contact is misportrayed as necessarily sexual or violent in nature, there is a greater need to restore people's faith. We need to teach them to let down their unnecessary armour with presence and an open heart. The environment we live in, the way we've been brought up, our education, knowledge, delusions and fixed ideas all add up to us putting up armour to protect us from those around us. These things become internalised and locked within the physical body. Good bodywork that is not forceful nor limp can help begin to unravel this armour so that we can reconnect with our inner strength and our natural selves.

As human beings are social creatures, we have a primal need for touch. There is something deep inside us that craves a deeper connection than words. We crave connection that is missing in an aloof, hands off culture where the written word is given primacy. But however good the writing, it can never wholly encapsulate a direct, felt experience. Transmission must be direct, which only touch can provide. Even light, as fast as it is, takes time to travel. Touch is direct.

Think about how emotionally rich and reassuring a shoulder to cry on, a pat on the back, or a caress of the cheek can be. This is something words can never bridge.

The quality of touch is what is most important to calm and comfort the receiver. This touch must be reassuring, restorative and rejuventating as we seek to help the receiver relax. However, what underlies this is the importance of a good relationship between people. There must be trust, compassion and positive regard.

Good bodywork gets the receiver out of the mind and into their body. This allow their senses to come alive and as a consequence, literally changes their outlook on life. This is especially important in a world that celebrates intellect above all else. This is meditation, meditation facilitated by another where it ultimately becomes mutual meditation.

"I don't want to call it massage.  I don't want to call it shiatsu."

Dominic is a qualified Massage Therapist. 
He has very sensitive hands from his martial arts and yoga training as well as
seeking out further education from teachers in shiatsu and Thai bodywork methods.
Combined with a deep understanding of human anatomy,
this allows for great bodywork for you!

Dominic specialises in massage of the feet and ankles,
because he believes that the ancient Chinese saying that "you die from the feet up"
is true.  Feet are absolutely vital for health and movement. 

"The bottoms of our feet support our whole body and perform many functions. 
By massaging them well and taking care of them, they will happily maintain your health."

Dominic has developed his own unique method of bodywork based on utilising the natural spirals (helical structures and linkages) found within the body.  Rather than simply pressing harder as most deep tissue and sports methods do, Dominic utilises skill and precision for a more gentle and yet powerful release that is based on natural principles.  This method is based on postural, Shiatsu, Japanese Yoga and Aikido principles that aim to release, develop and connect the body via the soft tissue system.  It also incorporates elements of shiatsu, acupressure and Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as Chinese martial arts into a holistic treatment modality. This allows a much deeper and longer lasting release with the minimal amount of time.  It really has to be tried to be believed!

Best results are achieved with a regular series of bodywork sessions initially to release the stuck areas of the body.  This will vary between 5-10 sessions depending on the individual and the amount of tension stored in the body.  Initial sessions are best spaced at weekly or even biweekly intervals, with increased time between sessions as maintenance once the initial release is achieved.  

Depending on your own sensitivity and bodily awareness, you may experience:
  • an increase in joint ROM
  • an increase in muscle suppleness and freedom  
  • an increase in circulation in the released area
  • a reduction in sensations of pain and/or tension in the released area/s 
  • a feeling of relaxation which is not what you are used to
  • an increase in sensation and awareness in the released area  
  • a sensation of longer limbs and/or feeling taller                                
"I used to get massages twice a week when I was working for a big company.  But they were nothing like Dominic's.  His bodywork is focussed, deep and powerful.  I can feel my body let go and regain mobility I thought I had lost years ago.  You have given me hope that I will not need surgery for my knees and my back also feels much better!"

SESSION RATES: $125 (60min), $95 (45min), $65 (30min)