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          "Chest out belly in is the shortest formula for expressing an attitude which is wrong in principle...
a wrong bodily attitude which prompts and fixes a wrong mental attitude."

Unfortunately, that is how many people move. 

They are all arms and legs.

Movement begins from a stable centre, a strong foundation.

It is all about balance. 

The back and spinal cord is getting a lot of attention these days with back pain affecting 80% of adults throughout their lives.  And most of this is caused by poor alignment or posture.  Forward head carriage, slumped shoulders, tucked pelvises, you name it.  And the effects go beyond the physical.  When you slump, you feel like you have less energy and that is exactly what we do not need in a world that is getting quicker and busier.

“A good stance and posture reflect a proper state of mind”
~Morihei Uesiba

But dig deeper literally and you will eventually come down to the pelvis which is the juncture between upper and lower bodies.  It is the balancing and tipping point for the rest of the structures of our body.  By addressing and aligning the pelvic and hip structures you will make changes to the rest of the body.  

It is not just about making your abdominals strong but going deeper to the underlying joint structures and alignment.

Start where you are and begin to realign yourself.