We also offer private (one on one) and semi private (two to four individuals) training session for individuals or friends who would like to target specific movement or performance related goals.  This can be arranged on a casual or ongoing nature depending on your needs and goals.  

This could include movement training for improved sporting performance for athletes as well as weekend warriors.  Dominic has a specific interest in activities that involve gait (walking, running, triathlon etc), rotation (golf, tennis, swimming) and shoulder mobility/strength (rowing, rugby etc).   Dominic has a very keen eye for the subtleties of movement as well as repatterning, and he is more than happy to share his knowledge with you in an applied setting.

Prehabilitation through correct movement training and development is vital if you want to remain healthy for your chosen endeavour.  Otherwise, injury and rehabilitation are likely to follow.  As they say, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.  Plus it's more fun and enjoyable!

Specific postural alignment and breathing work can be especially beneficial for musicians, actors and public speakers. 

If you have a goal that involves some kind of physical activity, no matter how bizarre, we can help because alignment and the way we inhabit our bodies affects performance.  We've had parents who wanted to help their children with schoolwork who came to see us for coordination and motor control work to the elderly who wish to improve their gait, right through to budding elite athletes with an eye on international competition at the Olympic level.

Please contact us today on 0478 127 075 to see how we can help you.


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movement meditation massage